How to add Dandy to Your Facebook Business Page

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Attention: Dandy must be invited as an authorized user to any Review Site for reviews to be challenged by Review Team. 

Two Options for Adding Dandy to Your FB Business Page

Option 1: Automated

Simply click here and sign in through Facebook, select your Facebook page(s) to grant us access 



Option 2: Manually 

From a Computer:

  • From your news Feed click Pages in the left menu

  • Select your page and click the Settings 

  • Click Page Roles in the left column

  • Type  (Easiest to Copy & Paste This) in the box and select the name Alex Bellini from the list


  • Click Editor to select Moderator from the dropdown menu

  • Then click Add

Once your invitation has been sent to Dandy, please allow 1-3 business days for the invite to be accepted.
Once accepted Dandy will be authorized to speak to Facebook Support in regards to any not recommend comments on your profile. 



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