How long does it take to have a review removed?

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We understand you want to see removals right away, but the review removal process can be lengthy. The Dandy review removal process is indefinite and the time it takes to remove a review is different for each review being challenged. Each challenge that is submitted can take potentially 30-45 or more business days for a resolution to be received from your review sites, and many reviews need to be challenged several times before a removal response is received. If your review is denied removal, Dandy will re-submit an indefinite number of escalated challenges in an attempt to remove the review in question. 

An indefinite number of escalated review challenges can occur if the previous escalated challenges are denied removal. These additional escalated challenges are reviewed and analyzed again by our review team and then resubmitted. 
Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor each have their own processes to handle review removal requests and the timings between challenges for each review site may differ. 
Please understand that review removal challenges cannot be sent to your review sites without first completing your access invitations. Instructions on how to complete your access invitations:

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